Digital Marketing —-Changing world order.

Today when everything is turning to be digital, marketing is no exception to this.

Marketing has also changed its medium from traditional to digital now a day.

What digital marketing strategy, frameowrkis, how it works, and its advantages are the main topics that we will cover in this article.

Let’s dig deep into various fundamentals of this changing marketing trends, i.e. digital marketing and understand nitty-gritty associated with it.

In this vary article, we will divide our discussion into the following sub-sections to better understand the topic. That are:

  • What marketing stands for
  • Why the trend of marketing switch from traditional one to digital one?
  • Pros and cons associated with digital marketing
  • How digital marketing works? What is digital marketing strategy framework?
  • How to start with digital marketing?
  • How to communicate in digital mode
  • Importance of Personal branding in digital marketing

What marketing stands for?

Marketing is such a vast field which is difficult to define in concise words. But even then we will try to explain it in very simple words.

Marketing includes the promotion of product or service so that customer gets compelled to buy it. It is a very vast field. It includes advertising, selling, delivering product or service.

Neil Borden popularised 4Ps of marketing where 4Ps stand for Product, Price, Place and promotion.

Product:- Firstly, for marketing, you will require a product.

Although you will find that people usually talk about products and services, but in reality, the product is a holistic term which includes both goods and services.

The product can be any idea, goods or services.

Price:- Price includes the amount that you will charge to the customer to acquire the product.

Place:- It includes the distribution of the product. That means through which medium you will sell your product like through physical store, online platform etc.

Promotion:- It includes the activities that a person undertake to promote the product. Like coupons, google ads etc.

As we have understood the meaning of marketing, we can proceed towards our next section where we will discuss traditional marketing vs digital marketing.

Why the trend of marketing switch from traditional one to digital one?

Traditional marketing is the sort of marketing with which most of us are familiar.

The only difference between traditional and digital marketing is the mode of marketing.

Traditional marketing is mostly through offline mode. It includes print media, telephonic conversation, TV ads, billboards etc.

Thus it inherits certain drawbacks because of which digital marketing evolved. That includes:

  • There is little or either no interaction between customer and medium used for marketing.
  • As the traditional promotional methods are static so it cannot be modified when executed.
  • As the ads through this mode are static, soo if you want to alter any advertisement, you will be required to republish your ad, which in turn cause high cost. On the other hand, if you’re going to republish the same ad even then, you will have to pay. Thus the recurring cost of the ad is very high.
  • This mode provides you with limited customization options which we had already discussed.

All the drawbacks of traditional marketing are taken adequate care by digital marketing. That is the reason why digital marketing is becoming a new trend.

Digital marketing is nothing but marketing through the digital medium. Now a day, electronic mode of information is becoming more prominent. That is why this is the era of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is two-way communication. That means that customer can easily interact with the marketer. The medium of interaction will be the same as that of promotion.

In digital marketing, promotion can be through any source such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and so on.

In research also, it has been found that conversion rates are very high through social media marketing.

Digital marketing provides with greater reach.

These are the reason why digital marketing is overturning on traditional marketing.

Pros and Cons of Digital marketing

Digital marketing is not sacrosanct. It also has pros and cons associated with it. Let’s have a look at both of them one by one.


  • First and foremost benefit of digital marketing is better targeting. Because of various tools and options, it become very easy to target your audience.
  • Due to more accurate audience targeting, it provides a higher conversion rate.
  • Digital mode of marketing is highly cost-effective. For instance, by paying a small amount of money, you can go for email marketing.
  • It is highly easy to track and manage the conversions.
  • Digital ads are highly flexible. That means, if you find any ad to be irrelevant, then you can stop it whenever you want.
  • Coverage area in case of digital marketing is much more than that of traditional marketing.


  • Email marketing is one of the prominent components of digital marketing. But this component can cause email overload at the user’s end.
  • As the customers’ reviews are live; thus, you are required to be proactive to deal with this. Otherwise, your brand value can be deteriorated by inappropriate reviews.
  • In the internet world, tools, platforms all changed rapidly. Thus it is important to always remain up to date with technology.

How digital marketing works? What is digital marketing strategy framework?

We had discussed what is digital marketing and how it is different from traditional marketing.

Now in this section, we will learn how digital marketing works. SO let’s get started.

The image given below explains digital marketing best.

One of the most prominent tool of digital marketing is email marketing.

We usually find our inbox filled with so much of marketing emails, every day. This shows that email marketing has become the most important component of digital marketing.

Now the question comes how to capture emails of people.

Mostly the idea of freebies comes into place in such cases. That means marketers claim to provide any product and service for free in return to capture their email ids.

This email can be captured by first capturing a user’s attention, which is possible only by providing valuable content.

Here comes the importance of content marketing.

Thus capture the attention of the customer by providing valuable content. The content should be written in a way that person become compelled to purchase the product.

But how to ensure that the content that you had written gets the attention of users?

For this, the internet provides you with multiple options that are:-

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO):- By this, your content’s placement on google search engine improves. This will increases organic traffic on your content.
  • Paid ads:- You can also make campaigns and run ads on various platforms to increase your content’s appearance.
  • Social Media:- Social media is a very powerful weapon on the internet. The maximum digital population has a presence on one or other social media platform. Thus publicity on these social media platforms are very helpful in digital marketing.

It was all about how digital marketing functions. Now next question that may come in your mind will be how to start a digital marketing career. Let’s discuss this in a separate section.

How to start with Digital Marketing?

Now you have an idea that what is digital marketing, how it is different from traditional marketing and how it works.

Now is the time to know how to start with digital marketing.

The first step in this direction is to select the niche on which you will work.

In simple words, the niche is a category of product on which you want to work, like education, travelling etc.

But it is always advisable to go for micro-niche. For instance, education is a vast niche, so be specific in that niche, like education for bank exam or education for board preparation. This will help users and Google understand better about your niche.

The other important things to keep in mind while selecting your niche is that it should coincide with your talent, passion and market needs.

Once you decide on your niche, the next step will be to start with content and another loop discussed in the above section.

We had written many times about valuable content, but what valuable content constitutes so that it helps customers and us?

Let’s discuss this in the next section.

How to communicate in digital mode?

If you want to be a marketer and are not good in communication, then there are great difficulties that you have to face in your career.

Because marketing is all about good communication, whether it is digital marketing or traditional marketing.

Communication does not only constitute speaking or writing, but it also includes understanding.

The time upto when you do not understand what people want, how can you market a relatable product to them?

Thus, you have to understand your target audience’s need and then communicate accordingly to them through your content, video, or any other medium.

Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that you have to follow CATT funnel in digital marketing to get a good response. This CATT is an abbreviation of Create, Attention, Trust and Transaction.

Create:- Firstly, once you had selected your niche, then start creating valuable content for the reader. Communicate with them as good as you can.

Attention:- Once valuable content is made, then the next step will be to drive attention towards that content. For this, you can use various tools that include paid ads, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), social media etc.

Trust:- No matter how good your content is or how great you attract the attention of your audience, the time upto which you are not able to establish the trust with your customers, you will earn nothing or say very less. Thus trust-building is a very very important step in digital marketing.

Transaction: Once you can build trust among your customers, you can pitch for sale and proceed toward the transaction.

In this way, you can pitch in digital marketing and build a successful career in it.

But as we had already stated, trust-building is crucial in digital marketing; thus, let’s dig deep into it to have more clarity.

Importance of personal branding in digital marking

It is commonly said that trust is the most expensive thing to purchase.

Even after having a physical presence, it is hard to trust any person then how can you trust any website or blog?

For this blogger or marketer have to work very hard.

The time upto which you do not prove yourself worthy enough that a person can trust you, you cannot succeed in this field.

Thus personal branding is very important.

How you go with personal branding depends entirely on you.

By this, we conclude our discussion with an endnote saying that although digital marketing comes with its pros and cons even then, it is, to some extent, more relatable to changing time and demands of people.

Thus, if you plan to start with digital marketing as a profession, then start from today because digital marketing will stay for long.